Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gas vintage jeans

Hello lovelies ! :) x

In English :

So I've really been into vintage denim recently ! Actually, just got a new Levi's piece that I'll do an outfit in soon. Love wearing plaits with my new extensions. What do you think of the new hair ? :) As I always say, focus on the details, like I have here - the chain on the belt &  the gold on the high heels. I just love how it gives that little bit of sophistication to an edgy outfit like this. Kiss x

In Serbian :

U poslednje vreme sam totalno poludela za novim vintage stvarima ! Da i upravo sam kupila Levi's komad koji ću sigurno ubaciti u jedan od sledećih outfit - a. Obožavam da nosim svoj novi umetak za kosu. Šta vi mislite o novoj kosi ? :) Kao što uvek kažem, volim da se fokusiram na detalje kao i ovde, mala kajlica na kaišiću i na štiklama zlatni detalj. Mislim da daje taj sofisticirani look. Kiss x

Top - New Yorker
Jeans - Gas
High Heels - Selection
Belt - Calliope
Handbag - Fashion is my passion


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