Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Fringe boots

Hello lovelies ! :) x

In English :

So as promised in my last blog post, here is an outfit from England ! A pair of high knee boots have been on the top of my shopping list for a long time & yes, I have finally found a pair ! This jumper is a C&A's men's jumper that I bought in a large size, so I can wear it as a dress. So if you are looking for that perfect baggy jumper dress, I would definitely recommend you check out the jumpers in the men's section of the shop ! Hope you enjoyed ! Thanks !

In Serbian :

I da kao što sam obećala u prošlom blog post - u kombinacija iz Engleske ! Čizme preko kolena su već dugo bile na vrhu mog spiska stvari za kupovinu, i da napokon sam ih našla ! Ovaj dzemper je kupljen u C&A - u u muškom delu u većoj veličini da bih mogla da je nosim kao haljinicu. Tako da ako tražite savršenu baggy dzemper haljinicu definitivno preporučujem da pogledate dzempere u muškom delu radnje ! Nadam se da ste uživali ! Hvala !

Coat - Italian Mode
Jumper / Dress - C&A

Boots - Primark
Hat - Forgot the brand I will add it later
Necklace - Guess
Choker - Tally Weijl


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